Meet Our Family

I am slightly new to the blog world...maybe a bit behind but I was just never ready to put too much out there in the internet world! Let me start by introducing my family. I am Marie, a momma to one and a bonus mom to two. I met my hubby, Greg, when my middle bonus son was just about to turn 4 at a BBQ and after our first meeting we never looked back. That middle bonus son is now 23 almost 24 and our daughter is 12. My oldest Bonus Son lives in Kentucky and just welcomed his first kiddo into this world Nikki Kae!

This picture was taken at our new property outside of Canyon Lake, TX. For a good portion of the next several months, I will be focusing on our journey to build a home in Texas while still living in Portland, OR.

Both Greg and I are born and raised Oregonians. I grew up in the city we currently live, he grew up outside of Eugene in a small-town Oakridge. We made the decision to start the journey to uproot our family and move south after many years of planning for our most simple life. I work virtually and can work pretty much anywhere there is internet connection. Greg is a law enforcement officer looking at retirement soonish.

We love Disney. We love to visit Anaheim at least 2 times a year (outside of COVID restrictions) and took our first family trip to Orlando in Oct 2020 and went back May 2021.

I plan to share insights on our journey of buying land, finding a builder, building a house and then moving to our place of peace :). Along the way I will also share stories about being a mom to a busy tweenager, my own journey with becoming a longish distance runner, how I work from home and still maintain some sanity, recipes (we are gluten free and low sugar), and lastly how I live each day as joyfully and simply as I can.

Welcome to Keep It Simple.


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