Where are we with the process!

We made it through 5 design meetings and dreaded financial sign off meeting. If you are new to building a house, might I recommend you search through all of Dave Ramsey's blogs or you tube videos on building a house. I wish I would have read more of them! In the back of my head, I knew we would have to pay something out of pocket along the way but I never imagined each bill would be as big as they are! And when the builder tells you that you will have lots of emotions and shows you the roller coaster they are beyond correct!

We are at the first valley! Our other major challenge right now is flight prices to Austin from Portland. We were hoping to go in time to see the land clear but with the price to fly almost at $1000 we decided to wait. I don't write that to start any sort of debate on prices or politics just the truth that paying almost 4 times the amount we typically pay was not reasonable! Thank goodness for zoom.

We did pick our exterior color board which is very fun and starts to put this project into reality!

One thing I am debating before we lock it in is the color of the door. We have mostly darker stains for our furniture. Our designer said it is normal to have mixed stains to add depth (sounds so grown up!). They are mocking up the exterior so we can see it with the two different door colors. I am such a visual person that I think that will help me be ok with picking! Who knew this would so hard.

Next up is land clearing and foundation boards setting. I'll update once we get there. I have been working on some fun projects preparing for the move. I am trying my hand at wood working and totally loving it. (Watch out Ben I might show up in Laurel looking for a job!)

On a quick side note, Weston Dean has been an amazing builder and we also really appreciate the Vicki from SWBC bank in San Antonio. They make this process tolerable.

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