Why move?!

This is the first question anyone asks me when I tell them we are moving to Texas. Some answers are personal, others are based on future visioning sessions I have done over the years. Now before you log off and think oh geez, here we go, with mediation. Let me start by saying I am not someone who can sit for more than say 30 seconds mediating before I get antsy. My version of mediating revolves around journals and podcasts. My point being is your version of how you dream about your future could and should look like may be different than mine.

One thing I started doing was from an author Rachel Hollis found in her podcast and her book "Girl Wash Your Face!" She has a journal called the "Start Today Journal". I started this practice about 5 or 6 years ago and in it you take the time each day to think of 10 things that you would dream about manifesting in your perfect life. When I look back one dream I constantly wrote was "I live in Texas"! I stopped doing this practice and have shifted to a new journaling which I will share later about, but this dream from 5 years ago is coming true!

The other reason we looked at moving is dreams about retirement. We are nowhere near real retirement, and I wanted to start the process of preparing for the day we can. This meant we needed to get serious about financial investment and what we needed to start doing today to be ready in 20+ years. When you simply type in places to retire many cities will pop up. When you start to put in parameters that you have one area hit all our needs.

  1. Warm

  2. Direct Flights to Portland, OR and Phoeniz, AZ (parents)

  3. Retirement income needed (Range that we felt we could accomplish)

  4. Land

  5. College Football!!!!

When this list was complete San Marcos, TX and San Antonio, TX were on the top of the list. (Forbes also agrees).

Once we were able to pinpoint where we wanted to build our new home/move. It was time to start to narrow down cities and possibilities.

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